Writing a post card lesson plan

In this activity, students write to friends and family asking them to send postcards. This activity provides motivation for writing and reading and provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about maps as students discover where their family members and friends live. Students first read and discuss a book with correspondence as the focus. Next, students arrange to have penpals by writing to family members and friends, asking them to send back postcards of the places where they live.

Writing a post card lesson plan


Beginning Level Writing Made Simple by Susan Verner 23, views For students who are learning English as a second language, practical and real life skills are extremely important. We teachers strive to bring realia into the classroom, give them experience speaking in real life situations and reading English text written for native speakers.

These are valuable experiences for our classes, but we may find that writing, for beginning level students, is more abstract or has little real life applications.

The good news is beginning level writing does not have to be disconnected from reality.

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By walking through the following steps for writing a postcard, your students will have a chance to practice their beginning level writing skills in a practical situation.

Write the following questions on the board and put students into groups of three or four to discuss the answers. Encourage your students to note what type of information the postcards contain. Do they see any similarities among the notes? Do they notice conventions used for addressing the postcards?

The first step is to think about words that can be used when describing vacations.

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Make a list on the board that your students can reference later. Encourage them to think about words that might describe the weather, the location, the food they might eat or activities they might choose to do on vacation.

writing a post card lesson plan

It can be a place they have been, a place they want to visit, or a place that exists only in their imaginations.

Give each person a sheet of poster board, card stock or other thick paper. A half sheet of standard sized paper works well. Then, have your students draw a picture on the card of the place they want to visit. This is the front, or the picture portion, of their postcard.

The first step is to turn the card over and write the address on the card. You may want to encourage your students to select someone who attends your school as the recipient of their postcard. Then use the school address, and show your students how to write it on the right side of your model.

Modeling for your students, write one short sentence in the blank space on each of the following topics: The skies are always blue. We are spending lots of time on the beach.

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Our hotel is very close to the water. We went to a craft show yesterday. The people in New Jersey have been very friendly.Colorado Reading/Writing Standard 2: Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the first encounter between Columbus and the Taino Indians by writing a postcard from the perspective of a .

Lesson Plan 1: Create Your Own Postcard. Objective: The first country to actually use the postcard was Turkey, in the United States Post Office began issuing pre-stamped postal cards.

writing a post card lesson plan

The Post Office was the only establishment allowed to print them. Writing on the postcards was only allowed on the front side of these cards.

Address the Card. You will need to model the rest of the steps in writing a postcard for your timberdesignmag.com first step is to turn the card over and write the address on the card.

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