Writing a metal song on guitar

We asked veteran songwriter, recording artist, and guitar maestro, Matthieu Brandt to offer up the skinny on how you can start writing better songs now.

Writing a metal song on guitar

I bought it as a new release in 89' and it still frequents my CD player over a decade later. It was around this time when I was searching for some good Christian metal.

I bought this disc on the advice of the clerk at the record store I went to. Some of my favorites are album opener "Victory," the awesome classic "No Time," and speed metal classic "Deliverance," which features a soaring vocal performance by Jimmy Brown.

The album was produced by legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer. This is just a solid album from beginning to end. Unfortunately the original Intense Records version of this disc went out of print a decade ago. KMG attempted a cheesy reissue in the 90's, but cut corners and left some songs off the reissue.

Fortunately in Retroactive gained the rights to this album, as well as "Weapons of our Warfare" and was able to put out a proper reissue.

The Retroactive version has improved sound over the original release with better mastering that helps bring out the crunchy guitar tones and pounding double bass. Retroactive Records has always been good about giving extra value on their releases.

This time around, they have included the two Deliverance tracks from the California Metal compilation. This song is a melodic classic metal number, with only a hint of the speed metal that would come.

However, "Attack" is a full-throttle thrasher that is a standout in the Deliverance catalog. The band later re-recorded this song on their "What A Joke" album. The Retroactive Records re-release also contains new enhanced artwork that was inspired by the original artwork, classic band photos, additional liner notes and lyrics.

A short write-up about the two Deliverance releases written by myself is included in the tray art. This reissue is a worth addition to any metal or thrash fans collection, even if you already have the original.

Deliverance on the cover of Heaven's Metal Magazine. Original guitarist Glenn Rogers is only given co-writing credits on one song, but according to Glenn he wrote many of the riffs on this CD and even one or two on the follow-up CD, "Weapons of our Warfare".

However, Jimmy Brown maintains that he changed and re-wrote many of the riffs just before recording them because he knew Glenn was leaving the band. He also states that some of the songs on this album were written before Glenn joined Deliverance. I was fortunate enough to get to hang out and share a stage with Glenn Rogers for a couple of days in August of Since Glenn was the original guitarist and wrote some of the material on the first Vengeance Rising CD, he came out on stage and performed with Once Deadwhich is the band I was singing for at the time.

As it turned out Glenn Rogers became a full fledged member of Once Dead and him and I became good friends. Former Recon guitarist George Ochoa joins the ranks and adds a bit of his own flavor to this disc.

George actually had joined the band shortly after the release of the band's debut and toured with Deliverance in support of that album. Almost every track on this disc is played with a fast and furious attitude and the song writing is outstanding.

Songs like "Slay the Wicked" are absolutely fierce. Jimmy Brown proving that he can sing, and scream, with the best of the power metal or speed metal genre.

writing a metal song on guitar

Lyrically, there is a spiritual warfare theme that runs throughout this disc, but I would not say that this is a concept album. I have heard the band complain about this disc saying they weren't happy with the guitar sounds they achieved in the studio.

From a fan perspective, however, I really don't see the problem. Perhaps with a bigger budget a fatter guitar sound could have been had, but for the most part this has never been an issue for me. The guitars are crunchy and heavy, like you would expect from a speed metal release.

KMG attempted a cheesy reissue in the 90's, but cut corners with poor packaging and mastering. Fortunately in Retroactive gained the rights to this album, as well as "Deliverance" and was able to put out a proper reissue.

The Retroactive version has improved sound over the original release with proper mastering that helps improve the overall sound. This reissue also contains the bonus track "Rescue" which was originally recorded during the "Weapons of our Warfare" studio sessions, but was left off as guitarist George Ochoa felt that it didn't really fit on the album.

Frankly, he was probably right, but it's still nice to have it as part of this reissue. The song was also released on the "Decade of Deliverance" compilation, but that disc is out of print as well. The cover has been changed from the original.

Step One: Ask The Right Questions

The new artwork was inspired by the original illustration.You will learn how to play guitar and you will find many free lessons. Original video lessons from famous guitarists and from timberdesignmag.com The roots of metal are found in the pioneering work of the band Black Sabbath.

Sabbath initiated a new style of rock music in the early s with heavy power chords and guitar riffs and dark edgy lyrics. Mar 08,  · How to Write Power Metal Music Three Parts: Getting Started Nailing the Style Writing Epic Guitar Solos Community Q&A Power metal is a unique 91%(48).

Apr 11,  · How to Write a Guitar Solo. In this Article: Article Summary Drafting Your First Solos Building Better Solos Community Q&A Soloing is one of the more intimidating feelings for most beginners, but it doesn't have to be challenging.

Aug 12,  · How to Write a Metal Song. Three Parts: There's no surefire way to start writing a song, but most people start with either a guitar riff or a vocal melody.

writing a metal song on guitar

and recording equipment, at least a microphone and a computer. Then you just follow the song composing steps one by one, recording each part before moving on to the next%(44). For most accomplished guitar players, songwriting is the final frontier – far more difficult that getting up in front of an audience and wailing out solos or nailing down the hot rhythm that drives the band.

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