Wills and trusts essay

Secret trusts Secret trusts arise where a testator explains to X that they want property to be held on trust for Y and then leaves the property to X in their Will. It is also possible that a secret trust arises where in reliance on a promise to implement the trust by X, no Will is made Strickland v Aldridge 9 Ves REF1. Intention The Testator must intend that the property be used in accordance with a direction. Communication The Testator must communicate their intention to the intended trustee, along with the terms of the trust.

Wills and trusts essay

The author of this treatise has endeavored to put within brief compass the essential facts pertaining to the history and use of the word, and he thinks he has conclusively shown that it affords no support whatever to the erroneous doctrine.

It will generally be conceded that the tenet referred to is not contained in the Scriptures if the meaning of endless duration does not reside in the controverted word. The reader is implored to examine the evidence presented, as the author trusts it has been collected, with a sincere desire to learn the truth.

This essay aims to prove the popular impression erroneous. The inquiry will be pursued in a manner that shall be satisfactory to the scholar, and also enable the ordinary reader to apprehend the facts, so that both the learned and the unlearned may be able to see the subject in a light that shall relieve the Scriptures of seeming to teach a doctrine that blackens the character of God, and plunges a deadly sting into the believing heart.

Wills and trusts essay

We proceed to show that the sense of interminable duration does not reside in the word. Three avenues are open to us in which to pursue this important investigation. Our first appeal will be to Etymology. An ounce of usage is worth a pound of it.

Etymology is theory, usage is fact.

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Suppose two thousand years hence some one should endeavor to prove that in the year the word prevent meant to go before. He could establish his position by the etymology of the word, but he would be wholly wrong, as would appear by universal usage in our current literature.

But its derivation does not point in that direction. It was transferred from breathing to collection, or multitude of times.

Commenting on Lennep's derivation of the word, Rev.

Wills and trusts essay

But this etymology is not the popular one. In describing the highest heaven, the residence of the gods, Aristotle says: For indeed, the word itself according to the ancients, divinely expressed this. Boise, 6 Professor of Greek in the University of Chicago: But, beyond the heaven, it has been shown that there is neither a body, nor can there be.

It is plain, therefore, that there is neither space, nor void, nor time beyond. The passage of Aristotle in which his etymology occurs, has been mistranslated, for it does not give the etymology of the abstract idea eternity, but of the concrete idea God, as an ever-existing person, from whom all other personal beings derived existence and life.

But Aristotle does not say or intimate that the word had the meaning of eternity in his day, nor does his statement of its derivation prove that it had that meaning then.

I give two instances. The multitude desired Pilate to release a prisoner, Mark xv: It is alway, or always, or ever, in each text. Liddell and Scott give more than fifty compounds of aei.THE INFLUENCE OF DR WILKS ON HEADLEY Betty White.

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Information on bar admission offices, bar exams, study aids, admission requirements, and statistics. The trust instrument directs Tom to pay the income from the trust to Abe for life and, at Abe’s death, to divide the corpus between Abe’s children, Ben and Cathy to create two trusts.

The two trusts are to continue for Ben’s and Cathy’s lives and then to be distributed to their children who are living when Ben or . Exam Study Guide Wills, Trusts, & Estates Study Aids Search this Guide Search.

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Each Exam Pro title contains multiple choice and essay questions based on current court decisions. This study aid includes contains sample tests that cover an entire wills, trusts and estates course, as well as mini exams in discrete topics such.

Master Essay: Wills and Trusts Wills and Trusts isn’t that complicated, but is can cross over into remedies, torts and contracts. I suggest you spend minutes outlining your answer and the rest of the hour writing our our answer.

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