The greediest of rajahs

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The greediest of rajahs

Education the Arts and Sciences Knowledge and education are the ingredients needed by a successful individual to integrate oneself to society. It is mandatory that all the opportunities for the youth to enter a higher school of learning be rendered without any bounds on race or economic background.

Education gives a form of personal empowerment and a sense of certainty in our ability to bring about a favorable outcome. We can have the energy to pursue our dreams and the personal power to overcome obstacles Forgotten photographs give a rare and fascinating insight into 19th Century city life in Britain from Newcastle stumbled on an amazing treasure trove of street photographs which capture the city's Victorian residents going about their daily lives.

Aaron Guy, who works at Newcastle's Mining Institute, discovered the image collection of early glass negatives after peering into a long-forgotten box. He was moving some old furniture for the Society of Antiquaries when the innocuous container caught his eye. Children gathered outside of the station hotel, Neville street watching a performance.

Two Newcastle matrons pass the time over some knitting by the city's Quayside, while children loiter nearby. I thought they seemed interesting so we asked for permission to bring the plate boxes back to our office to have a proper look.

The shots feature a ragtag collection of ordinary North Easterners, and were The greediest of rajahs at locations such as meat markets, fairs, and tiny corner shops. Experts believe at least a third of the pictures were created by the same photographer, and while many of them depict life in Newcastle, the cache also includes scenes from nearby Tynemouth and Lindisfarne.

A young girl examines the window display of a city shop selling fresh veg, sunlight soap and sweets Making their own fun: Children skip and play around a lamp post Maritime legacy: Onlookers wait for the launch of a ship in Tyneside While early photography was largely the preserve of the rich, this unknown photographer went out of his or her way to document the lives of the working classes.

The decision is all the more interesting because Newcastle was a thriving industrial centre by the s, with no shortage of prominent people to photograph. The city was also home to industrialist Joseph Swan, who in devised a method of producing dry photographic plates which removed the need for a dark room and made photography more commercially viable.

A doughty competitor tests his strength at the Temperance festival on the Town Moor, Newcastle A little girl looses her hat, while men in bowlers listen to a speech at the Temperance Festival on the Town Moor, Newcastle Starting young: This work feels less distant and more engaged than other series I have seen.

The greediest of rajahs

A young peanut seller captured at work Catching 40 winks: A man makes time for a nap in what was then the centre of Newcastle The Society of Antiquaries is now carrying out research work in connection with the pictures, in the hope of figuring out where they were shot, and by whom. It is also keen to trace another 15 boxes of plates which the Society sent elsewhere.

Mr Guy hopes the city of Newcastle will soon be able to share this insight into its history. The aim now is to date and catalogue the work, and then to put it out to other organisations in the city and hopefully get it seen, because it really belongs to the people of Newcastle.

Julia Margaret Cameron was one of the greatest portraitists in the history of photography Philip Stanhope Worsley: An Oxford-educated poet who translated the Odyssey and part of the Iliad into Spenserian verse, Worsley died of tuberculosis at the age of thirty.

Julia Margaret Cameron lived next door to the poet laureate on the Isle of Wight. It took three years of pleading before Cameron convinced Tennyson who jokingly referred to her models as 'victims' to sit for his portrait Zoe, Maid of Athens: Here Cameron photographed May Prinsep, her sister's adopted daughter.

By allowing Prinsep's slight movement and by intentionally softening the focus, Cameron instilled a sense of breath and soul in this living apparition Kate Keown: In spring and summerhaving purchased a new, larger camera capable of making twelve-by-fifteen-inch negatives, Cameron produced a series of twelve life-sized heads.

Coleridge's unfinished poem 'Christabel' tells the story of a young woman debased by sorcery.

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A dark poem, full of rolling fog and lesbian innuendo, 'Christabel' was the kind of tale that appealed to the Victorian palate A Study: Mary Hillier, a beautiful young house servant at Cameron's home was often pressed into photographic service, frequently in the role of the Virgin Mary.

She managed to assume her various guises in a remarkably unselfconscious way The Parting of Lancelot and Guinevere:Three of the greediest swallowed hook and bait together. Suddenly, with a quick jerk, Pencroff pulled in his line, and the flapping of wings showed that the birds were taken.

“Hurrah!” cried he, springing upon the game, of which he was master in a moment. Ignacia is a black kitten. Oh, how she scares everybody away!

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They say bad things happen because of her. This makes Ignacia feel bad and she sets out to prove that there are many good things a . What happens if you have a key that doesn't work?

Title: The Greediest of Rajahs And the Whitest of the Clouds Table Of contents: Book title Characters Settings Summary Moral lesson Author Illustrator No. of words Questions Characters: Greediest Rajahs People of the kingdom Soldiers Wisest of the wise men Little boy Setting: A palace or kingdom Summary: Once there lived the greediest of rajahs.

The Greediest of Rajahs Title: The Greediest of Rajahs And the Whitest of the Clouds Table Of contents: Book title Characters Settings Summary Moral lesson Author Illustrator No.

of words Questions Characters: Greediest Rajahs People of the kingdom Soldiers Wisest of the wise men Little boy Setting: A palace or kingdom Summary: Once there .

History of the world from the earliest period to the present time: collected and arranged from the best authorities.


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