Military service should be mandatory essay

Should the United States have mandatory military conscription? Around the world, there are many differences in the regimes of politics in different countries.

Military service should be mandatory essay

Many countries have compulsory military service for men after they leave school.

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It would be a good idea to adopt this system, for men and possibly women. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? With increasing job opportunities and career options in various fields people are reluctant to join military.

This is becoming a major concern for various countries. There are a few countries where men have to serve military necessarily after completing their education.

In my opinion this rule should be there in every country both for men and women. This will not only strengthen armed forces of the country but will also improve health and security of people.

Although countries have started using machines more than men during wars, still the importance of human soldiers cannot be neglected. With the growth of finance, marketing and education sectors, people are getting more job opportunities.

This is the main reason of people becoming reluctant to join armed forces. If military service is made mandatory, people will not have any option other than joining military for a few years.

This will help in strengthening of military. Health is another area where people will be benefitted by joining military.

Rigorous exercises and activities help in strengthening both mind and body. Increasing fat in people can be dealt with only by physical exercise.

Crime is growing at an alarming rate in every country. More than half of these crimes are against women. Most of these crimes are committed because women are not confident enough to oppose the crime. Military training can help in improving their confidenceto stand against crime and raise their voice.

To conclude, military service after schooling should be made compulsory both for males as swell as females.

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This improve country's security as well as the health of its citizens.All over the world there are countries debating whether or not they should enforce a Mandatory Military Service for citizens who are at least 18 years old. Mandatory Military Service in the United States Essay Words | 8 Pages Mandatory Military Service in the United States The idea that members of a community have the duty to defend it, is as old as civilization itself (Ruschmann 10).

Military Service Should Be Mandatory - Most people have, at one point or another, considered what they were going to do with their lives.

Military service should be mandatory essay

Whether a person would like to become an activist, an artisan or a business professional, the military has something for everyone. Finding a path in life is often filled with uncertainty and procrastination.

Mandatory Military Service Dr. John Doe, The plagues of our modern youth such as: increase rate of High School drop outs, drug usage among teens, gang activity, lack of self esteem, failing ethics and compromised morals would be greatly improved with mandatory military service.

It is my belief that mandatory military service would . Mandatory military service is a great discipline for our youth; it teaches them practical and social skills and encourages them to take responsibility for themselves and others.

A society with compulsory military service benefits the modern youth and in my opinion is therefore a better society.

Military service should be mandatory essay

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