Innocent drinks case analysis

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Innocent drinks case analysis

Share via Email Anyone passing through Regent's Park in central London this weekend may find themselves caught up in a free festival of music and fruit. It sounds like an odd combination but Fruitstock, as it is billed, marks the fifth birthday of Innocent, the drinks company set up by three college friends who wanted to bring a bit of nature to the table.

Making fruit drinks wasn't their first idea.

Innocent drinks case analysis

They had been kicking around business plans ever since they met at St John's College, Cambridge, seven years earlier and it was certainly not as lethal as one abandoned scheme. Sitting in Innocent's headquarters on an industrial estate behind a Majestic Wine warehouse in an unfashionable part of west London, the three thirtysomethings recall their plans for the world's first self-regulating bath.

We were all sat downstairs and water started coming through the ceiling. One of the guys from the flat opposite just tore up the stairs. He'd left the bath running and the water had cascaded through three people's rooms until it hit the ground floor.

They came back to Britain and started months of intense smoothie research, smuggling potential suppliers into their Innocent drinks case analysis for meetings, talking to shopkeepers and generally plaguing friends, relatives and partners with potential recipes.

In June Innocent drinks case analysis that year they admitted to their respective bosses what they had been up to and were granted two months off. At the end of that time they tested their drinks on visitors to the Jazz on the Green festival. So we decided to keep it simple and ask literally 'should we stop working and make these things?

We all went in to work the next day and quit.

Unanswered Problems With PESTLE Analysis of Innocent Drinks: Maintaining Socially Responsible Values During Growth (B) Case Study Revealed. PESTLE Innocent Drinks: Maintaining Socially Responsible Values During Growth (B) analysis provides you with a summary of the entire situation your company may be in. SWOT and PESTLE analysis is a powerful. Free Essay: The Innocent Drinks Case Study The Present Innocent Drinks was founded in by a group of people that, first and foremost, wanted to work. 3 Organization, product and market description Innocent Smoothies Innocent drinks are basically natural, tasty, healthy and sustainable. They are called innocent .

In fact, the three budding businessmen had nine months living on credit cards and overdrafts before they sold their first smoothie. Having had no success persuading any banks to back them, in desperation they emailed all their friends and acquaintances looking for a potential investor.

Miraculously they were put in touch with American business angel Maurice Pinto who dug them out of their financial hole. Quirky advertising The original plan was to launch further rounds of funding but since the company sold its first smoothie on April 28 it has become self-financing.

Innocent now employs 46 people and Fruit Towers - as they call their base - has slowly expanded along the line of industrial units. The company has done well to carve this niche in the face of fierce competition. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Innocent's founders should feel well chuffed.

The refrigerated shelves of the nation's supermarkets are filled with own-label versions of some of the company's best sellers such as its yogurt, vanilla bean and honey "thickie".

But own-label versions tend more towards the bad old ways of producing fruit drinks.

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The appeal of Innocent's drinks lie in their pure, unadulterated ingredients, plus a dash of quirky advertising. As one campaign put it, their drinks are not made from fruit, they are fruit. Innocent's refusal to compromise on this point presented them with some problems when they first started talking to potential suppliers, Adam adds.

Most fruit drinks are made from concentrated juice with water - and perhaps sweeteners, colours and preservatives - added. We just thought, 'wouldn't it be great to make it easy for people to get hold of this natural fresh goodness?

In essence, explains Jon, Innocent plans to simply freeze some of its smoothies, possibly with a bit of egg thrown in to make it all stick together. To help testers make up their minds about which combinations work, the yes and no bins will be dusted off and put out again.

The company has also dabbled with the idea of cosmetics but Richard warns: The company has also set up a charity, The Innocent Foundation, to fund projects in areas where it sources ingredients.

One of its first is a scheme to provide bee keeping equipment in a part of Africa blighted by Aids. Still friends It has even invested in an electric car - covered in Innocent's trademark artificial turf - which, although Adam admits does not go very well, is a step in the right direction.

Having created a successful business from this base, there must be the temptation to sell up and go and live on a desert island?

With consumers becoming increasingly concerned about what they put in their stomachs, premium brands such as Innocent carry their own - financial - premium.

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So as long as we are excited and challenged and proud of the business we are going to want to be a part of it. They still take communal holidays - although Richard is getting married in a few weeks which might alter the group dynamic somewhat - and the fact that each member of the team brings a different and complementary set of skills to Innocent seems to have helped them avoid any big bust-ups over strategy.

So it's been about really important stuff like the colour of the floor, the colour of the entrance, or what to paint the pillar.Case study: Innocent Drinks. What did they do? Innocent Drinks now a part of Coca Cola is a well-established brand. They maintain a popular blog which contains valuable and shareable content.

10% of Innocent Drinks’ profits go to a charity. They make use of . Innocent Drinks is an iconic British company that went from being a startup to a full-blown multinational brand. According to co-founder Richard Reed, the UK is the best place to be for any. The case study of Innocent Drinks Company was chosen, since it is very good example of a company raising finance and benefiting from private equity and venture capital.

‘Innocent’ was first launched in with the idea that every product will be % natural (Innocent drinks, ). TY - CHAP. T1 - Case study: when does a team become a crowd? Innocent Drinks.

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PY - Y1 - N2 - In July Innocent Drinks won the 'company of the year' award in a ceremony organised by the UK entrepreneurship magazine, Business XL. Innocent, starting as drinks but quickly expanding it’s successful well-loved product line “After 5 years, I moved back to Australia with my family, to take a job at Westpac” The adjustment from start-up to corporate was a rude one.

Innocent drinks: How applied consumer psychology helped find the sweet spot for one savoury proposition Olivia Taylor. 1 This case study outlines the work that innocent carried out with psychologist Phil Graves to aid development of a Cold- Pressed Fruit & Vegetable juice.

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