How to write a good fan fiction plot

Personally, I enjoy the freedom of sitting down in front of blank page and seeing where my imagination takes me… writing by the seat of my pants. So how do you write an outline for your fanfiction? Imagine if Time-Turners existed in the Sherlock universe. I can attest that the snowflake method has worked well for me when writing original fiction.

How to write a good fan fiction plot

Community Writers Anonymous Writers, come in. Talk about your stories, problems, any advice you need, critique, etc. You don't have to be good, you just need to want to write!

Fanfic or original fic writers, all are welcome. Read the rules before posting or risk Rhea's displeasure. If interested please let me know, I would like to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about Naruto who can bring the fun creative side of it.

The two are not nearly the same thing. I may be wrong but I think it's going to be extremely hard to find someone who is willing to help you write a story about your self-insert.

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On the other hand, a beta is someone who acts like an editor. They don't have a part in writing the story but they help you with the polish and the proofreading after you have written. It's much more likely you'll find one of these to assist you after you write each chapter.

You can also look around this forum at some of the advice given here, and even try posting an excerpt for critique in the appropriate threads, or if you have something specific you need help with before you've written, there's also the brainstorming thread.

how to write a good fan fiction plot

Though looking for a beta maybe what I am looking for, who can look over my work and add some elements if it's in the criteria, as you can tell I rarely ask for help because I never have any luck with people but one person did help me a lot. So where do you suggest I start looking?

In your own profile. Take a considered look at that last paragraph. If that's really how you feel, you are not ready to have a beta. A beta - at least a beta worth having - will look at your story and send it back to you absolutely covered in suggested corrections and improvements. There is no point them trying to "take it easy" and they have better things to spend their time on than trying to guess where your personal comfort line is between what you think is acceptable concrit and what will make you start flaming them.

I very much doubt any potential beta will go near someone with that on their profile. If that's not how you feel any more and you are ready to have someone else point out issues in your story, delete it.

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The profile paragraph, not the story. As far as "adding more elements" goes, that's really your job as the author. You could try the brainstorming thread but this will involve you doing the work to try to distill out what it is you think might be missing, at least in general terms.

My suspicion is that doing that will probably be all you need to write the new elements yourself, but if not, the thread might help.

A couple of years ago, over on the FictionPress site, I saw someone had recently posted an essay. In his summary, he said such things as "Don't judge," and also said: To me, the idea of "commenting on the content and the logic of someone's essay" is essentially the SAME thing as "judging and criticizing someone's essay.

The problem is that I have no idea just where you draw the line between the two. Just what do you think "judging" and "criticizing" means, in this context?

I strongly suspect that your confusing summary has a lot to do with why nobody has yet taken the time to write and post any reviews for your essay. They probably are afraid that if they give ANY suggestions about where there is room for improvement, in one area or another, that you will start yelling: I warned you not to do that!

You may think that you never meant to suggest you would have such a hair-trigger reaction to any constructive feedback you received from people who wanted to help you improve your writing skills.

But I can assure you that, as it now stands, that is very much the impression that your summary is likely to give to a lot of prospective readers.

To put it another way: As I see it, the whole point of posting our writing efforts on this site is that we want other people to offer their opinions and suggestions regarding what works, and what doesn't, in the way we wrote it.

Outlining your fanfiction saves you time and helps prevent writer's block.

To me, any suggestion that says "this could be improved if you made a certain change" qualifies as "a criticism. I'm still going to search for a beta even though I am using a program to help me along i the mean time.

I'll give you an example in one stories I had a guest and I'll quote him "This story goes from bad, to worse, to terrible, to trash, to train wreck, to disaster of epic proportions very fast and you should stop writing and reconsider your life up to now.

I've seen many fan fiction with similar post like this and to me I've got to be very, very careful, I am very open to constructive criticism or just criticism general, if you don't like my stories okay if you do thank you And maybe yes at one point I did perceive as something else, such as calling the author an ugly name in an attempt to insult him and make him feel bad as you said when I started with a Naruto story that was the first thing I got.In this brief and (I hope!) informative guide, I will show you how to create your plot (and story) so you end up with a fan fiction that you can be proud of.

Part One-Starting Up It's always hard to come up with a good first chapter. The Fanficmaker is written and coded by Thomas Wrobel and Bertine van Hövell. The work produced is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Unported License.

Nov 20,  · Obviously, the story you’re writing is a fanfiction, so you already have someone else’s plot to, essentially, feed upon. You just have to make a new, sub plot. A lot of authors write ‘oneshots’ (see below) where they just do a little plot. What Plot? How to Write an Outline for Your Fanfiction.

a good rule of thumb is to have “three disasters plus an ending. penning a Master's thesis entitled "Out of the Cupboards and Into the Streets!: Harry Potter Genderfuck Fan Fiction and Fan Activism." You can find her in Nova Scotia, sipping coffee, writing fiction, and reading.

You must own a dictionary and a good guide to grammar if you are serious about writing good fanfiction. A good Beta reader is important as well. Betas: You are .

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What Plot? How to Write an Outline for Your Fanfiction. a good rule of thumb is to have “three disasters plus an ending.

how to write a good fan fiction plot

penning a Master's thesis entitled "Out of the Cupboards and Into the Streets!: Harry Potter Genderfuck Fan Fiction and Fan Activism." You can find her in Nova Scotia, sipping coffee, writing fiction, and reading.

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