How to write a coursework commentary on psalm

Archives Write Your Own Psalm Intentional spiritual living is about more than just thinking new thoughts. It comes to life in actions, practices and habits. Because my goal is to help you have a more intentional spiritual life, I am making some changes in how I blog.

How to write a coursework commentary on psalm

The tasks chosen should allow candidates to demonstrate achievement in AO1 and AO2. The accompanying commentaries should be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate achievement in AO4. Assessment objectives This module requires candidates to: Content Candidates will choose their own programme of coursework in consultation with their teachers.

In support of that programme and in order to develop their own styles of writing, they will study: The work will be assessed by the candidate's teacher and these assessments will be moderated by the Board.

The coursework folder will contain two pieces of work and the associated commentary will exhibit the following features: A mark out of 60 should be awarded to the two pieces as a whole, making allowance for balancing strengths and weaknesses within each piece.

It is expected that candidates following a two-year course would spend approximately 30 hours of study time on this module.

how to write a coursework commentary on psalm

This would normally include time for class contact, individual contact, private study, research, drafting and redrafting. It is recognised, however, that the amount of study time available to candidates will vary from one centre to another.

Assessment criteria may be found in Section Learn from others Writing is not a natural or automatic activity like breathing or sleeping - you can learn to do it, and you can learn to do it well or at least better. If you are the next Charles Dickens, then you can probably teach yourself without using this guide.

For anyone else, it may be helpful.

how to write a coursework commentary on psalm

The models you use will vary, according to your task and purpose. If you are going to write to entertain, then read the stories of a good writer or screenplays by a good writer for film, TV or radio. All good writers borrow from, or imitate others - this is not the same as lifting material directly from others which is plagiarism, or theft of intellectual property.

Finding suitable models is not hard. This guide gives suggestions for many things which are available online.


If you want to learn from the best political speeches, the best short stories or the best advertising copy, they are all easy to find. Look at them, and try to work out why they are good.Write down these passages or mark them in your Bible for easy reference.

Use a highlighter to mark specific passages that have relevance and provide clarity to a thought or idea. Write a leader's guide or outline that you will refer to during the Bible study to help you keep your focus.

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Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. My purpose in writing this commentary was to focus on the chief aim of exegesis, the exposition of the text. Many people preach In writing a commentary on the Psalms there are a number of things that had to be decided.

In general, I wanted to write the commentary so that . How To Write A Personal Psalm WANT TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN PSALM?

Many people have called the Book of Psalms the “prayer book of the Bible” and the “songbook of the Bible.”. Writing Psalms (Instructions) I created a series of questions for children to answer in the development of writing a psalm.

The age of the children will determine how long it will take to get the answers. Write out a paraphrase of the psalm of your choosing in your own words. Try to find modern-day synonyms and thoughts that correspond to the thoughts in the psalm.

Don't be afraid to be creative.

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