From little things big things grow

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From little things big things grow

This is a song about a man who made a difference to his people. It's about standing strong for what you believe, for what is right and for what is fair. Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody tell this story so well, this song is a tribute to the inspiring tale of Vincent Lingiarri.

It seems a little thing, to stand on principle, but from little things, big things grow. Australia's Aboriginal land rights movement was born from this moment.

From little things big things grow

After listening to the song I feel as though I learnt something I wouldn't have if I had attempted to learn it through a text or anything besides a song. Some people wouldn't notice the way the song tells a story of courage and determination. In the beginning it tells that Vincent Lingiari and the British Lord Vestey were two different men on two different sides.

Vestey was larger than the average man and had lots of people to back him up in anything he did, whereas Vincent was small and only had his tribe on his side. Vestey offered to give them each eighteen quid a week instead of nine if they backed down, but Vincent refused.

The strike continued and Vincent flew out to Sydney, and as well as sharing his story, he spoke to big politicians who told him to back down because his people were hungry, but he said, and I quote, "No thanks, we know how to wait.

I think that the tone of the song was calm and relaxed, making it more informative than maybe a rock of heavy metal song would be, especially because you can understand more than three words.

The wording was not too complex, making it so younger people knew what he was talking about, but the way the words were used make the song sound important, but not so much that it sounded too smart for a kid in primary school.

Taylor from LyricsMode quoted "This song brings out the message of Aboriginal rights and their ownership of land. It explains about an Aboriginal man [Vincent Lingiari] that stands up for Aboriginal rights.

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Feb 16,  · Complete with all lyrics and chords. Will Google print on one page/5(38). From Little Things Big Things Grow is the story of the walk off by the Gurindji from Vestey’s Wave Hill cattle station in the Northern Territory. What began as a strike over wages and conditions ended as a battle for land rights that pre-dated Mabo.

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