Epithesis bone

Often the range of motion in the hip is restricted in internal rotationabductionand flexion. SCFE is associated with a greater risk of arthritis of the hip joint later in life. A study in Scotland looked at the weight ofinfants, and followed them up to see who got SCFE.

Epithesis bone

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OrthopedicsPlastic surgery Abstract Abstract The principle of osseointegration is accepted and used in reconstructive surgery.

This study presents the first series of five patients where titanium implants have been implanted into the pubic bones of female-to-male FTM transsexual patients, in order to attach a "bone-anchored" penile epithesis.

Following patient selection based on patients' wishes, pubic bones of 10 FTM transsexuals were analysed by CT-scan and a virtual planning was made. A surgical plan was also developed.


To date, five FTM transsexuals have undergone the two-stage surgery. During stage-1, two titanium implants "fixtures" are implanted onto the pubic bone.

Four weeks postop, a new CT scan is performed to analyze osseointegration and the final implant position. During stage-2, the soft tissue of the pubic area is reduced; abutments are inserted and passed through the skin.

A few weeks after stage 2 surgery, a penile epithesis is connected to the skin-penetrating titanium implants.

Epithesis bone

Two out of 10 patients who received preoperative CT scan presented with smaller pubic bones, not able to accommodate the fixtures as chosen originally. Preoperative virtual planning is crucial for the selection of the appropriate implants size. The stage-1 and stage-2 surgery occurred uneventfully in all five patients.

One patient presented with a wound infection 1 week after stage-2 surgery. Postoperative CT scan demonstrates implant osseointegration in all cases. This experimental clinical study demonstrates that titanium osseointegration is feasible onto the pubic bone.

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This new approach for penile reconstruction constitutes another alternative for both transsexual patients and cases following genital development disorders, post-trauma and surgery.The femur is a type of long bone.

Each end has an enlarged area or epiphysis with epiphyseal lines where bone growth took place.

Epithesis bone

The metaphysis is a narrow region that connects epiphysis to the diaphysis or tubular shaft of the bone. The gingival epithesis is a type of prosthesis that satisfactorily reestablishes aesthetics and phonetics in patients who have lost bone height and result in a better quality of life.

Patients with aggressive periodontitis present problems of rapid bone loss and consequently the appearance of “dark spaces” that generate aesthetic, phonetic. use of the flexible gingival epithesis may be helpful in timberdesignmag.comflexible arches, with vertical bone loss associated with the man-dibular right central incisor.

The diagnosis of severe periodontitis was made after reviewing the clinical and. Periosteum is the thin yet tough outermost layer of bones. Its many collagen fibers support the bone and firmly connect it to the surrounding structures. Epiphysis: Epiphysis, expanded end of the long bones in animals, which ossifies separately from the bone shaft but becomes fixed to the shaft when full growth is attained.

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The epiphysis is made of cancellous bone covered by a thin layer of compact bone. . Wagenblast J, Baghi M, Helbig M, Arnoldner C, Bisdas S, Gstöttner W, Hambek M, May A. Craniofacial reconstructions with bone-anchored epithesis in head and neck cancer patients—a valid way back to self-perception and social reintegration.

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