Analyse how political legal and social factors have impacted in the two contrasting organisations

Friday, 28 June The influence of two contrasting bsuinesses using economic environments on business activities within a selected organisation.

Analyse how political legal and social factors have impacted in the two contrasting organisations

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Political, legal and social factors Essay Sample A description of how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders P6.

BAE Systems and Oxfam have a number of influences on their activities. You need to describe a range of factors which have an impact on each business — you may want to refer to how these may be very different in countries outside of the UK.

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An analysis of how political, legal and social factors have impacted on the two contrasting organisations M3 Once you have explained in detail how political, legal and social factors affect the two organisations you need to analyse how they have had an effect on their operations and direction over a period of years with clear examples.

A Political factors — how is political stability important, what government support is available, how does taxation affect them, how is infrastructure important, does the education system help them, are they affected by membership of the EU? Politicians make decisions in countries which are extremely important for society and have massive impacts.

Analyse how political legal and social factors have impacted in the two contrasting organisations

Political stability favours businesses because manifestos are creates which are publicised and therefore businesses like BAE systems can make future plans and be aware of any changes that could benefit or harm them.

If they do licenses can be taken away and potential loss of job for some individuals or even shut down of the business completely. With their being wars held in countries, BAE systems are affected by this field in particular.

Therefore any political commitments relating to such activities benefits BAE systems. An important political factor BAE systems had to face in was bribery charges. The constant accusations from the fraud office has led to disruption and alterations to BAE systems as a business. The controversy of this case would almost mean that client would soon lose interest in the business to invest and therefore profits being lost.

BAE systems would have been affected by this case majorly and would have wanted to regain the trust in clients again. They effectively take away some of businesses profit through corporation tax which is a direct tax on profits.

Other taxes such as; income tax effects the employees of a business and other income earners. Businesses also have to pay a compulsory national insurance to pay for pensions and any unemployment benefits.

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VAT and customs duty tax on imported and exported goods is extra costs on trade and purchasing of products. Business are therefore highly interested in fiscal policy alterations made by the government. Larger businesses like BAE systems have less of a burden when dealing with taxation as they will have its own accounts department, where as smaller businesses with few employees may have to tax on the extra task of dealing with forms and paperwork for taxes.

Smaller businesses do not sometimes have the luxury to afford such departments. In terms of government support there is not a lot for PLCs not run by the government.

Government owned PLCs can get cover from the government of any losses made. However the government does subsidise many public and non- profit making activities like education, infrastructure health services and many more. Moreover the government provided the centre of funding for infrastructure of the economy.

It maintains transport links such as railways and motorways, this is of course beneficial for trade domestically. The government also provide help to private providers like BT to ensure all have internet links available to them.

Even in libraries on buses, this wireless connection that is essentially needed for many businesses, education and general public is provided by the government. The government also help to increase training and skills of the future working population. From training courses to apprenticeships, the government investigates those industries which are going to succeed and need a strong workforce so provide such training to enhance skills of individuals, in turn benefiting the economy.Disaster Diplomacy Publications Index (Peer-reviewed academic publications which address predominantly disaster diplomacy.) Akcinaroglu et al.

(), Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association and Akcinaroglu et al. (), Political Research Quarterly. Barston (), Modern Diplomacy.

Brancati (), Journal of Conflict Resolution. that such organisations can have and the different forms of 4 Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business P1 describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses analyse the impact of changes in demand and supply on a selected.

M3 EP Analyse how political, Legal and social factors have impacted on the two contrasting organisations D2 AEP Evaluate how future changes in economic, Political, legal and social factors may impact on the strategy of a specificed organisation.

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BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 1 M3 – Analyse how political, legal and social factors have impacted on the two contrasting organisations A lot of time and research has gone into producing this work.

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