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Du Bois and William Monroe Trotter. The Niagara Movement was a call for opposition to racial segregation and disenfranchisementand it was opposed to policies of accommodation and conciliation promoted by African-American leaders such as Booker T.

Alonzo herndon booker t washington and

The building is over a century old and has a varied history. Baptist Tabernacle — [ edit ] Dr. Within a year he had founded a new Baptist Tabernacle church on the southwest corner of Luckie and Harris streets now the middle of Centennial Olympic Park.

Broughton was closely associated with the church in its early years, leading the local press to refer to it as "Broughton's Tabernacle," though this was never the official name of the church or any of its buildings. However his Board of Deacons found the price too high and declined to buy it.

As a result, Broughton himself and a few of his deacons bought the property [3] on July 7, and gave it to the church. Hunt's original proposed design, The building was designed by noted Chattanooga architect Reuben Harrison Hunt[7] along with three other buildings for the same site including a nurses dormitory and a hospital building.

None of these other buildings survive to the present day. The plans were revealed in November and depict a church building somewhat larger than what was finally constructed, extending all the way to the corner of Luckie and Spring Street see photo.

At the time the membership of the church was 1, up from at its founding ten years before.

Serenity Wreath

Broughton, who was preaching at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church at the time, was not present at the ground-breaking. Immediately after a sermon by F.

Alonzo herndon booker t washington and

Meyer on March 9,an "immense crowd" adjourned to the construction site. Meyer said at the ceremony, "I believe that this will be an historic occasion, not only in the history of the church, but not unworthy to be chronicled in the history of this great and beautiful city.

Moody also spoke at the ceremony. Broughton placed some papers in the stone including that day's program, the membership roll of the church and a list of officers.

He capped the stone and sealed it with mortar. Hunt's architectural rendering of the final design, The structure measures by feet with an exterior of red brick trimmed by granite.

The style is neoclassical with Ionic columns and arches on the facade. The original planned opening was in May[11] but this was eventually delayed. The first services in the new building were held on September 3, beginning with a Sunday school at 9: The doors opened for the main service at Guest religious speakers appeared as well, including Russell Conwell[3] G.

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However, the phenomenon of white flight caused the church to go into decline in the decades afterward. By the s, attendance at the church had dwindled to aroundand it had trouble attracting a permanent pastor.

At this time the church was making ends meet via revenue from the two adjacent parking lots which it owned. In December the congregation, then numbering aboutvoted to cease having services there and ordered the trustees to find a buyer for the building.Alonzo Herndon Jul 1st, | By BHS | Category: Business.

Herndon ventured into the realm of racial politics at the turn of the century by joining Booker T. Washington in establishing the National Negro Business League. Later, in , he joined WE.B.

Alonzo herndon booker t washington and

Du Bois at the founding of the Niagara Movement, the forerunner to the National. The correct answer is 2. They didn't have the ships and navigation skills to travel around Africa to Asia. The Age of Exploration would not have been possible without the inventions of new ships like caravels or the extensive research/studying of navigation by individuals like Prince Henry the Navigator.

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